Since our ebook files are larger than 50 MB, please have a look at this guide on how to send large PDF files to your Kindle e-reader (via a USB cable) or app: or read below:

  1. Extract the ebooks from the ZIP file if you have bought the bundle.
  2. Since the files are larger than 50 MB, the proper way to transfer them is via USB cable.
  3. Connect your Kindle to the computer: Use the cable that came with your Kindle (or any USB-C cable), to connect the e-reader to the USB port of your computer. The Kindle should be visible as an external disc.
  4. Copy the files to the Kindle: Click on a Kindle disc image. Inside, you’ll see the folder named “documents.” Copy the file or files onto it.

If that doesn't work check out:

If you prefer a visual guide, check out this video tutorial instead:

Please note! 
  1. If you have bought our ebook bundle package, you need to extract the PDFs from the zip file first.
  2. Although you can read our PDF ebooks on the Kindle e-reader they are not perfectly adapted or designed for this e-reader.