Yes, there is!

  1. Drawing Basics:

Beginner level

  1. How to Bring your Characters to Life (Practical)

  2. Fundamentals of Drawing (Theoretical and Technical)

  3. Character Design from a Brief: The Male Superhero (Practical)

  4. Stylized Figure Drawing (Practical; focus on Body structures + different styles)

Intermediate level

  1. Gesture Drawing (Poses and Gestures)

  2. Introduction to Stylized Characters

  1. Mastering digital tool/techniques:

Beginner level


  1. Beginner’s Guide to Digital Drawing in Procreate (Style: Cartoon Drawing)

  2. Drawing a Female Character (Style: Cartoon Drawing)


  1. Introduction to Stylized Characters - Photoshop 1 and 2

Intermediate level

  1. Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Character (Style: Cartoon Drawing)

  1. Lighting, Shadows and Digital Coloring:

Beginner level

  1. Mastering Lighting and Shading (Style: Cartoon Drawing)

  2. Lighting + Shading: Make Your Art Shine (Style: Cartoon Drawing)

  1. How to tell a story and think like a character designer:

Intermediate level

  1. Character Design (Theoretical and Practical)

  2. Fundamentals of Character Design (Theoretical)

  3. Character Driven Illustrations (Theoretical and Practical)

  4. Posing for Character Design

  1. Creature Design

Intermediate level

  1. Creature Design  (Theoretical and Practical)

  1. Environment Design

Intermediate level

  1. Environment Design  (Theoretical and Practical)