Yes, there is!

Drawing Basics:

Beginner level

  1. How to Bring your Characters to Life

  2. Fundamentals of Drawing

  3. Designing the Male Superhero

  4. Introduction to Stylized Characters

Intermediate level

  1. Gesture Drawing

  2. Stylized Figure Drawing

  3. Drawing Character Poses with Personality

  4. Stylized Characters for Freelance Projects 

  5. Creating Expressive Characters

Mastering digital tool/techniques:


    Beginner level

  1. Digital Drawing in Procreate for Beginners

  2. Drawing a Female Character

    Intermediate level

  1. Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Character


    Beginner level

    Intermediate level

  1. Digital Drawing in Photoshop - Intermediate (Coming soon!)

Lighting and Shadows:

Beginner level

  1. Mastering Lighting and Shading 

  2. Lighting + Shading: Make Your Art Shine


         Beginner level

  1. Introduction to Animation

Character Design Concepts and Fundamentals:

Intermediate level

  1. Fundamentals of Character Design

  2. Character Design

  3. Character Driven Illustrations

  4. Drawing Character Poses with Personality

  5. Posing for Character Design

Creature Design

Intermediate level

  1. Creature Design

Environment Design 

          Intermediate level

  1. Environment Design